Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Giveaway Innovations

I just want to thank everyone for their interest - and of course MMMB for sending her followers. Being a complete newbie, I of course had a minor glitch, but now my followers button is up and working.  That didn't stop some true problem solvers who added me to favorites or otherwise creatively worked around my lack of a button.  True kindergarten spirit!

I just wanted to share a little Monkey Business - Mrs. M. is using the monster number cards for a write the room math center.  A clever adaptation. I know my kiddos were carrying around the monster word mats to match with the popcorn words around our room. They also loved the eyeballs, and one little girl decided to cover the numbers on the monsters' tummies to have friends guess the number (we play a number sequence  guessing game quite frequently). Please share any other innovations you create; I'd love to know how folks are using the centers.

Happy Halloween!
Mrs. B.


  1. I am following your blog. MMMB sent me . Welcome aboard.

  2. just found your Kinder blog through MMMB and am excited to see new Kinder ideas!!

  3. Thanks for the good wishes and for following!

  4. Im doing this again-not sure if I did it right the first time-this is the first time Ive ever replyed-would love to have a copy-sent to
    I'm following your blog! Sorry if you get this twice-just don't want to miss out on the great Halloween centers!!! Thanks