Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Hello, and welcome to my brand new adventure...my very own teacher blog!  I have been following so many fabulous bloggers, and I have found so many great ideas to share in my classroom. I have been trying my hand at creating some teaching tools, and my friend Mrs. Miner gave me the nudge I needed to try my hand at creating my own blog. Now I can share some of what I create with a whole community of educators.

I want to thank Sarah.  Sarah is an art teacher in Tokyo.  She is also a Google certified teacher; I didn't even know there was such a thing until I met Sarah. She was my strand leader at the Summer Technology Institute, and she introduced me to PLNs (Professional Learning Networks).  This blog was also an extension of my classroom plan from the Institute. I have been exploring sites online which could help me connect with other educators.  I've been tweaking my PLN as I go along, but one thing I know is that the primary bloggers I follow have been a staple of my PLN.  I have added many of them to my Google Reader.  For technology immigrants like me, if you don't use Google Reader, check it out.  It is a great aggregate for sites you want to follow.  It collects them in one spot, making it easy to grab a glance, read a post, or click a link. See Sarah, a technology tip! 


  1. MMMB SENT ME to your blog! thanks for the freebie-looking forward to more great things from you!

  2. missiecaseyrob@gmail.com
    Looking forward to reading more blogs

  3. k_miller@pauldingschools.org
    I can't wait to get your freebie! Thanks!

  4. MMMB sent me. I'd love a copy of your Halloween packet. It looks wonderful! Pamela423@aol.com