Friday, November 2, 2012

Surprise Visitor

     It was an exciting afternoon in our classroom. Several weeks ago I received an out of the blue email from Jessie DeVito asking is she and her husband, New York Jets defensive end Mike DeVito, could visit our classroom as a special surprise for their niece. When they arrived today, I saw the biggest smile that I have ever seen on my little kindie's face.
     What a nice couple. Mike seemed very humble and kind. Jessie, also very sweet, actually grew up in our town and went to our school when she was little. They both came in with smiles on their faces and patient demeanors, comfortable with all of the energy in our room.  Mike sat in my old wooden rocker and read The Runaway Bunny, one of his favorite books when he was in kindergarten, to a class full of very excited kindies.  Jessie, led by the hand by her little niece, sat criss cross applesauce on the rug, and her niece snuggled close to hear the story.
     Well, after story everyone had the chance to check out Mike's helmet and a real NFL football.  That helmet looked so big in those little hands!  When Mike asked if anyone had any questions (and you all know the way kindies question), one little guy said "I really like your sneakers, and they sure are big!" Mike just smiled and agreed that they certainly were.
     Jessie had asked for a list of first names of the children in our class, because they wanted to bring each child an autographed photo.  Well, I was stunned at the wonderful gifts they brought for all of the children, including their own copies of The Runaway Bunny. I think this was a visit the class will talk about all year long.  And let me tell you, this kindergarten teacher is going to take advantage of the excitement.  I am going to spend the weekend making some football related centers and planning all the writing activities I can think of related to our very special visitors.

Special thanks to Mike and Jessie DeVito for creating a wonderful experience for my kindies!
Mrs. B.

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